Snuff Crew


You can hear Snuff Crew/Snuffo playing live on the following dates:

19.01. 2019: Amsterdam (The Netherlands), JACK (Snuff Crew)
22.02. 2019: Berlin (Germany), Staub at ://about blank (Snuffo)
01.03. 2019: Berlin (Germany), Griessmühle (Snuffo)
08.03. 2019: Geneva (Switzerland), Central Station (Snuffo)
12.04. 2019: Tel Aviv (Israel), Alphabet (Snuffo)
26.04. 2019: Zagreb (Croatia), Soundfactory (Snuffo)
04.05. 2019: Berlin (Germany), Spaceship at Mensch Meier (Snuffo)
24.05. 2019: Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Diskette Gomila (Snuffo)
02.08. 2019: Kazan (Russia), Werk (Snuffo)
03.10. 2019: Berlin (Germany), Kater Blau (Snuffo)
05.10. 2019: Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Diskette Gomila (Snuffo)



If you would like to book Snuff Crew live – or  some solo live action by Snuffo, or a DJ set by Zwo feel free to get in touch and organize a kick ass party!


On soundcloud you can listen to some Snuff Crew livesets, recored in fantastic venues:

And here you can watch our set for the “Overdrive Infinity” show on Dailymotion:

Snuff Crew – Overdrive Infinity #23 (Part 1) von OverdriveInfinity