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Snuff Trax for Japan” now available in digital stores!

Finally, here it is! We are so proud and happy that the benefit compilation “Snuff Trax for Japan” finally is finished! Take a look at all the great artists who contributed to this compilation and the marvellous tracklist, we are sure, you will love it! And of course, you help the people of Japan, because we will donate 100% of the profit to the Red Cross. So – please! – buy it! Even if you usually prefer to get your mp3s from *cough* inofficial sources… this time it is really important to buy them and support our project. Thank you very very much in advance! Not only will we love you madly for the rest of our lives, but you will also get lots of carma – of course!

The compilation is now available in mp3 stores like Junodownload, Whatpeopleplay, Zero Inch etc..

Our loudest shouts go out to all the great artists and mastering engineers involved in this project – keep in mind: everybody worked completely for free on this project, we really have to praise you!

But now: enough words – here´s the tracklist!

01. Laurent Garnier – Cancel The Apocalypse
02. Joe Drive – The Delivery
03. Humandrone – Sun Pillar On the Debris
04. Zwei Of Snuff Crew – Fukushima
05. Billie Ray Martin and Hard Ton – Sold Life (Luke Solomon Remix)
06. Quinto – We Don`t Sleep At Night Part 1
07. KiNK – Memories From The Future
08. Neville Watson – Keep On
09. Patrick Pulsinger – 12a (Dub Version)
10. Dance Disorder – Future Retro
11. Legowelt – I Want Your Love
12. The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club – Birds Of Japan
13. DJ Gio MC-505 – My Face On Rushmore Mount
14. Marcello Napoletano – Acid Sunday
15. Morning Factory – Deepest Thoughts
16. Detachments – Holiday Romance (Andy Blake`s Mix For A World Unknown)
17. Photonz – Carnival Of Light
18. The Model – Bump And Jack
19. Hard Ton – Marilyn (Zoe Xenia Dub`n Pop Mix)
20. Elec Pt.1 – It´s House
21. Hieroglyphic Being – Siddharta (Part1)
22. DJ M-Traxxx – House Thunda (Unreleased Mix)
23. Roberto Rodriguez – The Girl Who Silenced The World
24. Discodromo – Bunraku
25. Romina Cohn – Follow Me
26. Meschi – Stay And Play
27. House Machine – Relief (Mix for Japan)
28. Demetrio Giannice – Untidled (One for larry) (Strictly For Japan Mix)
29. Moralez aka Telecommander1 – Life Time Groove
30. Simoncino – Japanese Heart
31. Pathetik – Accroupi
32. Roland Bassline – Ode To Mick
33. Ascii.Disko – Blues For The Red Sun
34. Joel Alter – Roll With Me
35. Andreas Henneberg, Marquez Ill, Leigh Myles – Thousand Paper Cranes
36. Eins of Snuff Crew – Kana Power
37. Remute – Worldfingers
38. Oliver Dodd – Tokyo Lovers
39. Lukatron (aka Luke Solomon) – Tommy´s Cream Soda
40. Renato Cohen – Silly Walk
41. Featherweight – Featherweight (Expanded Mix)
42. Kool & Duvall – U Lift Me Up (Craig Stewart Remix)
43. Fran Mela aka I.F.M. – Not A Game
44. Phil Moon aka Valyom – Einstein Romance
45. Mark Boombastik & Eduardo Delgado Lopez – Anders

Tracks 01, 15, 28, 39, 41, 45 were mastered by Bob Humid (
Tracks 02, 04, 17, 20, 23, 24, 26, 27, 29, 31, 32, 38, 40, 43 were mastered by Emanuel Geller (
Tracks 03, 10, 34, 36 were mastered by Francesco Pierguidi (
Track 05 will also be released on Disco Activisto Records
Track 06 was also released on K-TV (12″ only)
Track 16 was also released on Thisisnotanexit Records
Track 25 will also be released on Space Factory Records
Track 41 was also released on Boxer Recordings

Last but not least – the official press release:

45 Tracks for a benefit reason

“Snuff Trax For Japan” unites over 40 artists from all over the world. Initiated by Snuff Crew, the benefit project aims to help the people in Japan after the earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Danger.

Snuff Crew: We are all shocked about the terrible things that happened and are still happening in Japan. We all watched the news about those events and felt so helpless in front of these unbelievable sights, and the whole situation seemed so unreal. For us we have to try to help and as artists, music is the most obvious thing we can offer. So we’ve decided to release a digital benefit compilation called Snuff Trax For Japan on our own label. For this project we contacted other producers to take part and everybody we asked directly agreed and gave us a track or remix for the compilation.

Incredibly Humandrone who lives in Tokyo produced a track for it, so within a few days this large project with great artists from many countries was realized. We give thanks to every artist that joined us and we really hope we can help the people in Japan with this charity project. Our digital distributor Para-Dize from Hamburg/Germany is placing the compilation in digital stores right now. All receipts of “Snuff Trax For Japan” will be sent to the Red Cross donation account for Japan.

Release Date: 23rd March 2011
More info:

Download Full Cover for printing


  1. DJ Simpson
    21. March 2011

    Hello – this is great – will defiantly buy and also pass on the news to friends

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  4. Francesco Pierguidi
    25. March 2011

    Great tracks for a great ideaaaaaaa FULL SUPPORT

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  7. Pacoti093
    29. March 2011

    tres tres sympa mais je ne trouve pas ou l’acheter
    un petit bonjour a Pathetik – Accroupi ( tintin ) de la part des parisiens

  8. Broke One
    29. March 2011


  9. Richard
    4. April 2011

    Hey Snuffies – lovely release. Gonna choose 15 eu for 45 Tracks .WAV at what people play …

    cheers Richard

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