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Jack 2 / DJ Feedback

nathan detroit
Get high for me…PLEEEASE

seth troxler
more fun is the best of the package, adn get high is deep as well, all cool.

Jacek Sienkiewicz
funny … crazy drive is my fav !

Favourite Track: She Is Not Mine
suuuuuuper bomb….

Robert Owens
all track cool

chris fortier
more cool retro sounds

Axel Boman
Wow!! super release! love all tracks, but Sender and Get High is extra super good!! Tip Top…

This is very cool! Fun, and a bit sick sometimes…

phil kieran
more great ols school action from snuff crew, this stuff always cuts the sound system really well like a knife .

Favourite Track: Get High

Favourite Track: She Is Not Mine
707 ist so sexy…

Damon Martin (Disco Bloodbath)
All tracks are absolute bangers!

Herman Schwartz
jack it up !

DJ ESP aka Woody McBride
Favourite Track: Crazy Drive
real acid house for real acid people. chart topper for me. danke danke.

Alex Bien
Interesting stuff again from the Snuff Crew! Rocksssssss

ivano coppola
back to the old school!!

amazing as usual. i like your body is my favorite. good stuff Snuff. big up

Favourite Track: She Is Not Mine
So ghetto, I love it!

James Fucking Friedman
love love love snuff crew… classic bizness

DJ Mehdi
Favourite Track: More Fun
Man, bring it on— M.

Christopher Çolak ( / Acik Radio)
Favourite Track: She Is Not Mine
Full support from me. This is hot and old skool timeless techno.

Chris Carrier
Favourite Track: Moment
old shcool vibes

: )))))))))))))))))))))))))

John Digweed
Favourite Track: Moment
good stuff

markus enochson
Favourite Track: Crazy Drive
love it! will play out for sure!

Henri Kohn
Favourite Track: She Is Not Mine
wooo woo. dark dirtness! me like

laurent garnier
Favourite Track: She Is Not Mine

get high ..

Comments: I like Sender the most, but after all I wouldn’t play all of this. Good luck with the album.

John Kennedy (Xfm)
Already played ‘I Like Your Body’ and ‘More Fun’ on the show a couple of weeks ago, looking forward to getting the likes of ‘She Is Not Mine’ on there too. John

The Black Dog
Will be trying out Sender and More Fun in DJ sets.

tim paris
cool release, i will play ‘She is not mine’ tomorrow !

Kikko Solaris
Crazy Drive is the hit….really drive dancefloors mad!!!! Full support.

don rimini
Favourite Track: More Fun
jack in house !!!!

Damian Harris / Midfield General
Comments: I LOVE Crazy Drive… excellent track. Rest of the EP is very good too, thanks

Favourite Track: Sender
just plain bad ass ..liking these weirdos a lot lately!

angel molina
Favourite Track: Crazy Drive
long life to the jackin house!!!!!!

ken hayakawa (flex vienna/ crazy 10pm radioshow on superfly 98,3fm
“sender” is cool!

Anthony Rother
I like it!

troy pierce
awesome trax, she is not mine is my fave.. thanks!!

Trevor Rockcliffe
Get high and I like your body is my fav mixes.

My Cousin Roy (Roy Dank)
Favourite Track: Sender

shir khan
SENDER is really dope. Also love CRAZY DRIVE and I LIKE YOUR BODY. All groovy material that gets you back to the oldschool.

trevor jackson
get high is the best track for me

Oliver Huntemann
I like Snuff Crew. Dark and sexy. Will test all tracks.

Gregor Tresher
Oh yes, another big package by the snuff crew with Sender beeing my favorite

Cam (Kikumoto Allstars)
Lovely. All winners. The Snuffers have done it again! 5 stars. Csm (Kikumoto Allstars)

Matteo Esse
Favourite Track: More Fun
More old school meets new school acid house groovers from Snuff Crew and Gigolo. Very playable in our harder sets.

Manny Cuevas aka DJ M-TRAXXX
Favourite Track: More Fun
theze guyz NEVER let me down!!! from hearing House Muzik when it 1st came out & actually being in Chicago…SNUFF CREW iz most def keep thee true Jackin House torch alive and well;-) Every trk iz hot & i will most def b playing on my radio showz and on tha road”) SNUFF CREW iz the best thing in House Muzik in one hot minute!!!

Tony Rodriguez (Brothers’ Vibe)
All good…

tom findlay
love she is not mine + more fun

2000 and One
Favourite Track: She Is Not Mine
nice old skool soundz

Michael Reinboth
Favourite Track: She Is Not Mine
always cool stuff from Snuff….top notch…support

Igors Vorobjovs

Arnaud Le Texier
get high make me high!

Nico De Ceglia (Radio 1, London)

Favourite Track: Crazy Drive
old school yeah ;o)

White Noise
Get High takes me back to the days of Trax and Sleazy D, one for the sweaty bassment clubs


boys noize
Favourite Track: She Is Not Mine
i like this !

Shahrokh Dini
Favourite Track: Crazy Drive
Can’t stop to dance… give me more :))) cheers

Stanny Franssen
Still lovin’ these old skool tracks a lot! To much to choose a favourite track

Lady B
Sender is my favorite, will play this one

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