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More Fun / DJ Feedback

laurent garnier
yesssss , more acid grooves from the Crew Full support

Michael Reinboth
great snuffy snuff stuff

luke solomon
Killer as usual

Manny Cuevas aka DJ M-TRAXXX
i looooooooooooooooooooooooove SNUFF CREW!!! theze katz know how 2 get down like chicago did back in tha mid 80′z…trust me i wuz there;-) …keep them jackin house beatz pumpin!!! DJ M-TRAXXX (miami babie)

Tom Bioly (Permanent Vacation)
top release !

Loco Dice
DOPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOPE!!!!!!!! People get ready 4 some old shool action !!!!! Snuff crew gimmy som mo ! please send me the wav D

troy pierce
both tracks are really cool, dig it.

Kolombo / Olivier Grégoire
nice oldskool tool

shir khan
Support “I like your body”.

Erol Alkan
love what snuff crew are doing right now

romina cohn
i love snuff crew

krysko – the warehouse project
wow – I like your body is seriously good/// slick, tight, modern jack fodder. ace.

dr. motte
funtastic oldschool! more fun is suuuper!

Roman Flügel

Frank kusserow
I love the ruff jackin Chicago sound of Snuff Crew. Both tracks great and sure be played!!!

Damian Harris / Midfield General
very useful jackin’ business

Damon Martin

Gregor Tresher
Cool n classic sounding stuff by the Snuff Crew!

James Fucking Friedman
this is my shit!!! love this old school jacking style

Classic sound, I love “I Like Your Body”

Robert Owens
nice vibe

Raw and authentic! This is the sound of Snuff Crew and I love it! thanks

I just can’t help but love this!

this is DOPE as hell! big fan big support

super nice tracks..into both of these in equal measure!

I love these guys!!!!! Keep them coming!

Cam (Kikumoto Allstars)
Rad Chi-town sounds!. Of course I love this shit! Can’t wait for the mini LP.

larry tee
classic giglolo!

seth troxler
FIRE! i love womens bodys so this is all me

Mike Perras
Wow! Freaking good energy from both tracks….I would definitely play
them at any occasion…

Rebeca Le Chic
Cool “old-schoolish” tune… I like their body!!!

super great….will play for sure….i love that old school vibe.

I really like your body! :D

Orde Meikle
nice old school feel – cool

Christopher Çolak
Vry nice continuaion. Original!

Trevor Rockcliffe
Will be supporting this ep, loving that old school feel.

mihai popoviciu
i loooove your body! great jackin’ action from snuff crew as usual!

Herman Schwartz
go, snuff crew, go !

Liefko (Afrilounge)
yeahhhh!!! like it! will play!!

Nico De Ceglia
Old school, oh yes will use these tonight!!!

Jack your body ! I’m feeling like back in the late 80ies

anna (death disco radio)
Snuff crew banger to keep you warm during those Chicago winters!!! Bang on Snuff Crew!!

Michael Stukes (WHCR 90.3 FM / Harlem, USA)
Jack the HOUSE!

love it!

Phil Brökelmann
More Fun is it. I’m feeling this!

My Cousin Roy (Roy Dank)
Nice Chicago throwback bizness, esp. “More Fun”


Timo Maas
proper old school vibes, downloading for timo im sure he will like a lot!

Nadine Kreuzahler (Fritz, rbb)
great old school vibes.

Matteo Esse
Both tracks are solid acid house groover at its best. Will fit perfectly in our APDW sets.

Lady B
great oldschool acid house tracks

chris fortier

Shahrokh Dini
hey killa crew lets go party nice one 180% support thanx guys

DJ Mehdi
I want to try this out asap

Henri Kohn
ruff deep and dirty. this is you i like it. will play

John Kennedy (Xfm)
Jackingly good! Should be on the show this week.

Cari Lekebusch
cool old sounds =D will work out I Like Your Body asap PZPZ C***

thanx for that, I like your body is cool, love the vibe.

patrick pulsinger
nice and raw! has alot of fun playing their last album….this is a great follow up. an instant classic for the floor!!!

geoffroy aka mugwump
more fun is a gr8 jackin tool.

Mijk van Dijk
More Fun for me! :-)

love both tracks! snuff crew are consistently wicked!

Jori Hulkkonen
more fun is enough fun for me.

JDH (Josh Houtkin)
“More Fun” is solid. Will definitely play this!

phil kieran
sounds great

Danny Howells
More Fun probably just edges it for me .. many thanks as always!

Casper C (
A solid EP from one of the best house crews out there. One of the revelations of the last year or two, for me!

angel molina
More Fun is pure drug, my track of the ep, thanks!

Ben Westbeech
More fun is naughty!

Tony Rodriguez (Brothers’ Vibe)
MOre Fun works for me – feelin’ the ol’ school groove for sure…

Alex Bien
Great release! Rocks!!!

Igors Vorobjovs
Nice + very good artwork :)

Musikredaktion Hertz87.9
findsch sehr gut… kommt bei uns in die ZielgruppenSendung: MeinHaus! und vlt. Nachtrotation

nice oldschool jackkk phortune 500

Kornél Kovács – P3 Dans, Swedish national radio
More Fun is the one for me, radio play coming up!

Fra Soler – Nitsa Club / Barcelona
Fantastic old school cuts!!!! Full support!

Paolo Mojo
I like your body too. x sleaaazyyyyyyy

markus enochson
aaaaaabsolutely love it!

Herman Schwartz
i like having more fun with da snuff crew.

Jack jack Jack …. full support!

Pack Up And Dance
u snuff crew cant stop to jack house and we like a lto. thanks

cormac – wetyourself/fabric/trailer trash/bugged out
yes to this….

Orde Meikle -Slam
cool old school (real) electro feel – strong release

Arnaud Rebotini – Blackstrobe
sounds good to me, will play it !

Michael Stukes
This is no joke. Back 2 the ole skool…

Stanny Franssen
Nice Old Skool tracks! Reminds me on the good days :-)

Simon Baker
Liking the old school vibes here.

Flo Schlechtleitner
Really HOT Stuff. Jack the house!!! Thank you, DJ Harx.

Jacek Sienkiewicz – Recognition Records
Hey ! Its more oldschool then real oldschool for me but will play “More Fun” which is funny !!!

tom findlay – groove armada/lovebox/wonderland
I like your body is killa

steve aoki
diggin this!

LuLúxpo – Let’s Dance radioshow
For Let’s DANCE

don rimini

liking the chicago vibe

nathan detroit
old school nicensss.. no nonsense.. I like your body too!

ivano coppola
my fun if for me

Fabrice Lig
Nice Old School Style !

Brothers’ Vibe (Tony Rodriguez)
Killer track!

Daniel Brandt – The Gym/Doppelschall
I like “more fun” very much! also “i like your body” is a banger! really nice acid tracks! will play it for sure!

Arnaud Le Texier
I like your body is the one!

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