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Let’s celebrate 10 Years of Snuff Crew!!!


It all started in January 2008 – with a love for Chicago House, a Myspace page and a can of Snuff tobacco. Snuff Crew was born.

They didn‘t have any hype or masterplan, but what they did have was a sense of euphoria, loads of passion and a whole lot of fun.

Now, 10 years later, Snuffo and Zwo, the men behind the masks, can look back on many releases on a lot of great labels. Their Snuff Crew sound came out on BPitch Control, International Deejay Gigolo Records, I Love Acid, Playhouse, Killekill, Skylax, SCI+TEC, Rush Hour, their own Snuff Trax and the list goes on. Exciting Collaborations, remixes and some wild encounters are part of their story, too.

As the two Snuff Crew guys live in different cities, they rarely produce their music as a group in the studio. For them, playing live together on stage is the magic moment of the project. It is in clubs worldwide that they bring the full power of the Snuff Crew sound to the dancefloor.

Their interpretation of the old acid house sound is put in motion with modern devices. Masks on: Let‘s jack to the beat!

This year‘s 10th anniversary of Snuff Crew will be enthusiastically celebrated with new records, a birthday tour and some nice surprises for the fans. True to the motto: looking back and keep on playing.

Of course, a lot of things have happened since the start of Snuff Crew in January 2008. There were highs and lows, happiness and devastation, success and mistakes, traveling and waiting, dance floors and rest rooms, sleep and excess, inspiration and frustration, love and grief, life and death.

As the lives of the Snuff Crew guys also changed a lot within the last decade, with less time to spend together on the project, the fun and excitement of playing and releasing music, and the love for the oldschool sound remains and keeps them looking to the future.

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