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Rest in Peace Andreas Gehm


In June 2016 our dear friend, third Snuff Crew member, Snuff Trax artist and inspiring mentor Andreas Gehm left this planet.

Andreas was the third member of Snuff Crew. When Zwo of Snuff Crew was busy, Andreas was kind enough to join Snuffo on tour.

Between 2011 and 2014 they played gigs together in Japan, England, Greece, Lithuania, Switzerland, Germany, and Russia… When playing, the sound was a bit more raw. Acidmaster Gehm took over the controller to squeak the Acid lines while Snuffo manned the beats.

As Snuff Crew wears masks and jackets most people did not realize that there was a different guy on stage from time to time. Being on stage and travelling like this maybe also motivated Andreas to do his own (amazing!) live act. Even if he was not a big fan of long travels, jetlag, and not getting enough sleep, hehe.

Here are just a few photos from Snuffo’s phone…

Andreas, we miss you a lot!

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