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Snuff Cuts is our new (digital) sublabel


We are happy to announce a new sublabel: Snuff Cuts. A digital platform releasing two tracks per issue.

The sound of the imprint brings together Acid, Old School Techno and House, with inspirations from Detroit and Chicago. Open to young producers and established artists, we are building a fresh roster of talent.

About the release:

At its core “Blood In The Streets” is an upbeat Acid House song with a darker layer, inspired by the harassment women face daily on the city streets from creepy men. The track features vocals by Neoprene.

Similarly “Crawl” comes with an Acid House vibe too – with more focus on distorted melodies. The vocals by Aaron are an attempt to harness the chemical turbulence of love.

About the artist:

Aaron J. Cunningham is an electronic musician and visual artist from Toronto, who is best know for his dark electronic project SINS, an intensely personal exploration of the higher self. More recently he has been inspired by the music which initially grabbed his heart as a child, Acid House and early Techno.

His new project under his given name, Aaron J. Cunningham, is an attempt to explore the beauty that can be found in Dance Music, while always maintaining a thread to the melancholy emotions and soundscapes found in his project SINS.

Aaron is also busy overseeing his record label DETH and clothing line WE*R DETH. DETH was started as a means to support and nurture the group of talented musician that he is surrounded by in Toronto, all working on a similar musical aesthetic.

Aaron’s first release “Blood In The Streets” will be followed up by a collaboration with Alixander III from the legendary Azari & III, as well as releases from his techno project Khobra with Matthew Cangiano.

Get Snuff Cuts 01: Aaron J. Cunningham – “Blood In The Street” at Beatport or Junodownload.



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