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Apr, 16 · in Allgemein

Snuff Trax 009-C “The Dream” – out now!

The third and last part of our little Snuff Trax 009 series is called “The Dream” and comes with tracks by 7 Citizens, Andreas Gehm, Basic Soul Unit and Violet. Out now in record stores ...

Feb, 27 · in Blog

Remixes for Josh Caffe & David Newtron and Dodi Palese

Hello 2014! Here we go with two brandnew Snuff Crew Remixes. One for “Hun Kal” by Dodi Palese on Engrave Ltd.  ( click here ) and one for “As I Look” by Josh Caffe & ...

Jan, 24

“Behind The Masks” – out now on BPitch Control

Yes yes yes!!!! Our new album “Behind The Masks” is out now on BPitch Control! This wonderful record features great guests like Tyree Cooper, Rachel Row, Kim Ann Foxman and Hard Ton. It`s available on ...

Nov, 11

Snuff Trax 009-B: Various Artists – “The Dance” out now!

Oh how we love the dancefloor and its magic! Every weekend we lose ourselves in endless grooves and jacking beats. We forget about time and space and let the music hypnotize us. We move our ...

Jul, 15

Snuff Crew Remixes for Ellen Allien, Jack The Box, Livio Improta

Yes it´s true – in May three Snuff Crew hit the stores: First of all our mix for “The Kiss” by the one and only Ellen Allien, out on BPitch Control. (Our masked colleague Redshape ...

May, 06

Snuff Trax 009-A: Various Artists – “The Love” + DJ-Feedback

Snuff Trax 009-A: Various Artists – “The Love” is our contribution to springtime. And as we all know is this season a really wonderful time for deep love and big emotions… The three tracks by ...

Feb, 25



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